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Instagram and Email Marketing Side by Side

In the last lesson we have discussed how to properly engage your followers and interact with them. You have also learned who to quickly expand your audience and establish a contact with it using standard communication and contests. Today’s lesson will help you understand how to attract potential clients with email marketing. You will learn how to bring new people to your Instagram page from other sources and write efficient emailing texts. We are also going to analyze three secrets to help build trusting relations with your clients. 


Email marketing is a great tool to establish a connection with your audience. It allows you to communicate with hundreds of clients from your base. You can send offers to your target audience—to those who are certainly interested in them. For example, to women—information about a new cosmetics line and to men—about motorcycle parts. Psychology is involved here: people like when you reach out to them personally instead of sending depersonalized advertisements which annoy everyone. 

What to avoid in emailing: 

▶ Do not spam! People have given you their email to receive useful information, not a heap of meaningless identical offers. 

▶ Do not send sales mails too often. Recommended frequency is up to three times a month. 

▶ Diversify the content of your emails. You need to send interesting information to keep your audience. The best strategy for this is to mix topics. Your followers might think you try to force them if you send only commercial texts. Mix topics! 


Combine your posts on Instagram and email in a single multichannel marketing system. Synchronize all your content between the two platforms: you can send collections of the best photos on Instagram via email. Use of two channels at the same time will significantly increase the visibility of your brand on the internet and relevancy of your emails. Instagram elements in emails draw attention and make them more interesting for clients. Emails also attract new followers on Instagram, which is also good for the development of your business. Here are a few tips to develop your cross-channel marketing:

▶ Promote your email subscriptions on Instagram by holding contests and draws. Images sell well. So if you have a good Instagram account, always include nice and vivid photos from it in your emailing. 

▶ Create hashtags exclusively for those who subscribe to your emailing, this will show the benefits of subscription. 

These are the basic tips for developing your emailing. We suggest you take a separate training course on our platform to get better at it. 

Stick to the three main principles of good relations with your clients. They will help you to easily win the trust of followers and reach mutual understanding with any of them: 

1 Every offer must be interesting and valuable. Describe the benefits definitively and guarantee quality. 

2 Do not be persistent. Potential clients may be scared away by too frequent commercial offer publications. Remember the golden rule: quality before quantity. 

 3 Use all opportunities of your service for emailing. Most services allow you to personalize offers by addressing the recipient by name. 

Even small benefits can help you to stand out. It may be a simple discount offer, a master class, a promo code or a discount card—anything you can think of! Be creative! Remember that people love presents. Your main goal is to make the audience stay with you. Interest is the best attraction tool: do not force people, be interesting instead. 


Another important aspect for your business promotion and building lasting relations is to attract your Instagram followers to your website. One of the easiest and most obvious ways is to put a link to your website in your Instagram account description. Put it next to your bio in the profile description under your main photo. Simply click on the ‘Edit Profile’ button and add a link at the end of ‘Bio’ field. It is better to be done in Notes first to preserve the space between the bio itself and the link. Explain where the link leads and call to action! 

It is possible to take advantage of an additional Instagram option to attract followers, Instagram Shopping. It allows you to tag products in new posts, but you need a Facebook store and to integrate your Instagram account with it.

 The Enabled Shopping option allows followers to not only see a price and description in one click, but also go via a direct link to your online store and order the product there. We are going to expand on that in the next lesson.

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