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How to write Product Review That Sell

Below is the outline to write a product review that convinces your reader and make them buy through your link.

Step 1: Write the Summary Box

The summary box will contain two things: The summary of the products and the description, the summary should have at least five elements such as:

  1. Review of x (Product)
  2. Effectiveness, easy to use, price and support: You need to explain if the product very easy to use, state the price, does it has customer support etc.
  3. State what you like and what you don’t like about the product. 
  4. Summary of the product: 1 to 2 paragraphs, explain the effectiveness of the products and why your readers need to buy it.
  5. The price range if the product has a different price range. For example From $17/ month(Start your free trial)

Step 2: Identify Who the Product is for

When writing a review, it is very important to let your visitors know if the product can help them or not. The product may not be for everybody reading your review or your subscribers. You need to let them know if the product can help them or not.

If there are alternative to the product you are reviewing, you can let them know about it for them to have options, it will help you to build credibility.

Step 3: Introduce the Solution

Now, the reader knows that he or she has a problem and looking for a solution. This is where you introduce the product as a solution. You have to let them know what the product is all about and they have trust in you.

You can do this by creating a short video on how the product work, the capability of the product and what result they can expect when they purchase the product

Your main job is to pre-sell the product by educating and demonstrate the value to the reader.

Step 4: State the benefits and the features of the product.

One of the great things about writing review is to show the benefits and the features, and in most case, the vendor or the owner always list them in their sales page which may be very low in conversion.

One of the easiest ways to show the benefits of products is to show how it works and how it helps solve a problem. But it might seem impossible if you have not used the product before.

So, what you need to do is to explain the main benefits of the product. People want to know how the product can benefit them rather than the features. That is how you can easily convince the reader and make them take a decision.

Step 5: List of Alternatives

It can significantly increase sales. It shows impartiality, and the readers will not see it as a way to make money from them. They will have options to choose and determine what good for them.

In your review, you can include the section called ‘alternative’’.

In the alternative section, you can recommend other products to give them options. Make sure you sign up for their affiliate to get a commission for any visitor you refer to buy their product.

Step 6: Use The Right Format

By now, you have a powerful review that gives tons of value to the reader, but to complete the process; you need to format the review to make more impact.

Below is a simple guideline to format your review

  1. Use pictures and screenshot: Picture and screen shoot are very crucial in creating powerful review but make sure to use the only real picture and avoid copy image from the product sales page.
  2. You can use a symbol or icon if available.
  3. Offer star rating; Start rating score out of 5 or 10 are mostly used in every review. You can rate a product as 4 out of 5 or 4/5, and if you are

using 10, you can rate a product 9/10, it depends on how quality is the


Step 7: Use Multiple CTAs in Your Review

CTA means a call to action. Make sure you use CTAs for your review. It can be one at the top, one in the middle of the post and one at the bottom. But don’t overdo it, it may hurt your review and readers may not like it.

Here is an example of CTAs: Learn more about the [product name], Get the [product] free trial, Click here to check out the video [if the product use video in the sale page] etc. You may not use the term Click here to buy, avoid it.

Step 8: Add Bonuses: 

One of the best ways to attract people AND make more sales is to offer compelling bonuses for people who purchase through your link.

Bonus helps drive more visitors to your review because many people love “bonus” meaning they search for the product plus bonuses. And it closes sales by adding extra value for purchasing through your link.

Writing a product review that sells is not a simple task as it requires a lot of time. Master the act of creating a review that offers value and sells a product. I have made a lot of money from writing a review of products from Clickbank and other affiliate programs.

Find a good product and provide a useful review can make you thousands of dollars every month.

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