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How to Promote Products in Digistore24 ?

What is Marketplace

The marketplace is aimed directly at you as an affiliate. Here you will find products to promote, which have been posted by vendors for this purpose.

  • All products in the marketplace have been set up especially for you as an affiliate. So you can look around freely and pick out the products that you find attractive and want to promote.
  • For each product you will find important information that is directly addressed to you as an affiliate: e.g. a product description with all partnership benefits offered, key figures for the best selection, the affiliate link as well as an affiliate support page where you can find e.g. advertising material for the product provided by the vendor. The better equipped you are as an affiliate, the more successful you can market products.
  • You can request affiliate partnerships directly. Many vendors accept your request automatically and the partnership is established immediately. Other vendors will review your request manually and you will receive a message to give the vendor time to respond.

Find products to promote

As an affiliate you can promote products offered by vendors in the Digistore24 marketplace.

Access the marketplace 

To access the market place,

  • Activate the affiliate view
  • Click on Marketplace in the navigation head bar

Product key figures 

Each product offered has its own key figures. These help you as an affiliate to decide which products suit you and which you should promote.

Read the product description, it is aimed directly at you as an affiliate. You can recognize quality products by high-quality and informative product images and product descriptions. Most of the time, the product that you personally like is also qualitatively appealing to the end customers.


Since 12/3/2019 only the last 30 days are only the last 30 days are taken into account for the key figures. This ensures that product changes have an impact on the ranking.

  •  Popularity
    Key figure calculated from sales, number of active affiliates, cancellation rate, quality of affiliate support page
  •  Sales price
    Sum of all prices divided by number of prices.
  •  Commission
    This is determined by the vendor and is a decisive indicator for you as an affiliate.
  •  Earnings/Sales
    Total sales per customer over the total run time
  •  Earnings/Cart visitors
    Total sales of the product divided by the number of cart visitors
  •  Sales rank
    The place in the sales rankings (based on net turnover after refunds)
  •  Cart conversion
    Number of sales divided by the number of unique order form visitors
  •  Cancellation rate
    Total number of cancellations divided by total revenue multiplied by 100

Links to the sales page and affiliate support page

Next to the key figures, you will find links to

  • Sales page
    This is where the vendor sells its product. Take a look at the sales page to get an impression of the product and the professionalism with which it is offered.
  • Affiliate support page
    This is where the vendor provides you as an affiliate with information and promotional materials that you need to promote the product. For example, the promo link, email texts to copy, banners, blog articles, and social media messages. Not every vendor offers an affiliate support page. For more ways to gain access to vendor advertising materials as an affiliate, click here.

Check partnerships

As an affiliate, you can check your affiliate partnerships. This way you can see…

  • the vendor with whom you are in a partnership
  • the product as well as the product language
  • the partnership status
    • approved
    • rejected
    • pending
  • the affiliate provision. This is determined by the vendor.
  • the link to the affiliate support page where you can find advertising media, provided by the vendor so you can more successfully promote the product.

Proceed as follows:

  • Activate the affiliate view.
  • Open Account > Affiliate partnerships. The unfiltered list displays all partnerships are across statuses.
  • Use filters to show, for example, only rejected partnerships.
  • Click on the pen icon to view the partnership properties. Here you will also find the promolink for the product.

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