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How to promote affiliate links on Quora ?

Step 1. Generate traffic with a strong profile

If you want to stand out in the sea of Quora users, you need to put some effort into optimizing your profile. 

Your headline and profile text is important because it shows the reader your credibility to answer questions in your field. Your profile bio shows up on all the answers you write.

Traffic to your profile will increase as you answer more questions. From your profile, you want lead people to your affiliate website. 

A good profile and bio describes your expertise, experience and interests. It also highlights what you help people with.

You can expand your profile information with:

• Interesting professional stories and achievements.

• Publications and collaborations in your field.

• Your social media profiles and other web pages.

Step 2. Find popular questions that match your niche

Now it’s time to browse topics inside your niche and find the questions that get views and drive traffic.

In this example, we’re looking for popular questions in the marketing niche. Start off by finding a topic inside that niche.

If you browse “read,” you get a selection of questions inside the topic. This list often contains popular questions on the topic, as you will notice by the large amount of upvotes they have.

The “answer” tab will show you recently posted questions that need an answer. You can find out how many people are interested in knowing this answer by checking the number of people who clicked the “follow” button.

And lastly, we can see the most viewed writers on the topic. Underneath the writer’s bio, click “view answers.” Choose a popular writer in your niche topic. 

Select the ones that match your current affiliate content or get ideas to produce new content. Always make sure linking to your affiliate content is relevant.

Track relevant topics and new questions
You can also find new questions by tracking relevant topics. Make sure to hit the notification button to stay up to date. Connect with writers in your niche and follow their activity.

Because you entered your field of expertise in your profile, you will also get notifications of people who ask you, an expert on that topic, to answer their questions. 

Browse newly entered questions for opportunities. Responding fast to new questions can give you an advantage in collecting upvotes.

Re-answer questions covered on your affiliate blog
If you did in-depth keywords research for your blog posts, chances are you already answered some highly relevant and sought after questions on your blog.

Find these questions and you have the perfect place to add a valuable answer and link to your content. 

Step 3. Create excellent answers

Now that you found some questions to answer in your niche, let’s go over the main strategies to produce great content on Quora. 

Always provide value
The main goal of the Quora community is to spread knowledge, not promote yourself. Align your answers with this goal and focus on providing value to your readers. 

Don’t just recite what other people have answered. Be original. It’s okay to answer questions which have already been answered, just make sure to either explain the same points in more detail or add extra relevant information in your answer. 

The aim is to have the most comprehensive and useful answer on the thread. Any facts you mention should be accurate. Make your answers relatable by providing real life examples, especially if it considers a “how to” question. 

Use good formatting
Let your answers stand out with custom formatting like bold and italics. Create hyperlinked text to your affiliate site, use bullet points and add mentions of other users and topics. 

Don’t write answers in huge blocks of text. Keep space between your points. Paragraphs are important because they make your answer easier to read. 

Add visuals and be aware of visible text
You will find that popular answers often have something in common; they have visuals alongside their answer. 

Quora might not be known as a visual platform, as the information exchange is mostly in written form.

Still, people tend to be very visually oriented. Adding images will catch your viewers’ attention and increase your chances for an upvote. Find or create relevant images that

Be aware of the amount of text visible before the “more” button in your answers. Use the limited characters that are visible to create curiosity. 

Write with passion and humor
People come to Quora looking for:
1. answers to complex questions that Google can’t provide,
2. real life examples and solutions, and
3. entertainment.

Basically, people are looking for human answers on Quora. Popular writers produce answers full of passion and humor in their field of expertise.

Although humor might not fit your niche and approach, keep in mind that writing in a more personal style can bring you success on Quora. 

Start your Quora traffic engine!

Hopefully, this guide helps you boost your affiliate marketing on Quora. Writing on the platform takes time and dedication but can definitely be worth the effort. 

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