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How to pick the right products to promote

I’m going to talk about how to choose the right product and service to promote to your reader to build trust. As an affiliate, you can’t just be promoting any offers you came across to your readers just because you want to make a commission. Your readers first and you need to help them in every area of their needs before thinking of promoting affiliate offers.

Here are the simple and easy ways to pick the right and best products for your Visitors.

Your Brand:

The first thing to consider is your brand. Where does your business belong? If you are in the blogging niche where your content is blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO etc. and you want to promote a product related to SURVIVAL, does it sound good enough?

This is where relevancy is the most important factors to consider. Any information post sends to your readers need to be relevant to your brand. I have said it much time, your reader’s interest comes first. Identify what your reader’s intent and provide valuable information through contents. If you give your visitors what they want, they will trust you and easily buy whatever you recommend for them. When creating relevant content, you can include affiliate products related to the content.

If your readers are interested in how to make money online and you send them an affiliate link to a product about how to save money, what do you think will happen?

I guess, they will feel bad and see you as a marketer who wants to make money out of them.

Promote Affiliate program within your niche.

You have learnt how to find an affiliate program in your niche. It is a crucial aspect if you want your reader to see you as an authority. Don’t say because you have affiliate offers that are converting well in other niche and think it is a good idea to promote such a product to your list of subscribers. I’m sure will seriously experience a huge list of unsubscribes which will even affect your open email rate.

Only promote an affiliate program that is relevant to your niche. If you find it difficult to know what to promote, you can take a step further and check other blog or website relate to your blog and see what types of products they are promoting.

Check the affiliate network in your niche:

You can find a top of affiliate offers to promote through an affiliate network. One of the best affiliate networks you can check for digital products is

For example, if you have a ‘’Fitness blog’’ you can find products relate to the following and promote them: Fitness, exercise, weight loss, diet etc. Quality better than quantity Find a quality product is essential to succeed in affiliate marketing. Always promote quality products, and people will ready to buy through your link.

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