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How To Monetize Your Platform To Maximize Your Income

One of the most difficult aspects affiliate marketers or bloggers are facing is how to monetize their platform to make more money and increase their Income.

No matter how attractive your site is or how much the traffic you are getting, if you fail to monetize it very well, you will end up not make money and waste your time and efforts.

I will be sharing with you the secrets of monetize your platform and make more money to compliment your efforts.

When I started blogging, one of the challenges I faced was how to monetize my blog as an affiliate marketer and make money with little traffic am getting. But have in mind that the number of traffic you are getting may not determine the amount you are going to make, that is the reason you need to monetize your website before you even thinking of getting traffic.

I have seen many affiliate marketers with just 2 thousand traffic per month and make more money than people who are even getting 5 to 10 thousands of traffic. All depend on what people read and what they see on your website. If you don’t put any banner or affiliate links on your site, nobody will know. So, let’s see how to get more result from your platform and double your income.

The first step is to determine your niche you belong to; this will help you to

know what you need to monetise your site.

Tip 1: Teach What You’re Doing

Let take a look at an example. Let say you are in ‘’Travel Niche’’ and want to get the most result from your hard work. The first thing to do is to use what you are doing. You are a travel blogger; you get started by register domain and web host. Both domain provider and your hosting have an affiliate program.

You can teach people how to start a travel blog such as register domain and web hosting. And ask them to sign up through your affiliate link.

Also, you can recommend the tools you are using to automate your business. For example, your email marketing software to build a list, blog theme, any course you find helpful that has an affiliate program.

Let say you are using Getresponse as your autoresponder to build an email list, here are the simple ways to promote it on your website to get more Commissions.

Steps to Promote Getresponse

  • Talk about why you like Getresponse
  • Write comprising post such as Getresponse vs Convertkt or Getresponse Vs __________
  • Write a post about how having an email list is important and how it has improved your online business.
  • Write a post on how you can boost the affiliate commission with an email list.
  • Create a free course or tutorial on building list and recommend Getresponse with your affiliate link.
  • Create a tutorial on how to send email through Getresponse etc.

Tip 2: Resource Page

This is another way to get more commission when someone buys through your affiliate link on your resources page. Unfortunately, many people ignore this aspect while some don’t even know how to write a resource page to promote the tools they are using and help them in their online business.

If you have a well-writing resource page on your site, you can make thousands of dollars from that single page every month. Matt is one of the top affiliate marketers that made $10,000 from his resource page while others are making more than that.

So, if you don’t have a resource page on your site or not writing very well, it is the time to learn how to write amazing resource page that converts and make more sales without any additional work.

What is the resource page?

It is a page that contains all the tools you are using and other training you have taken such as course tutorial, software, a plugin that has helped you in your online business with an affiliate link.

A resources page is simply a page on your site on which you list your favourite or recommended tools.

If you are a blogger, for example, you might list your favourite blogging tools such as plugin, theme, and courses you’ve taken.

Or, if you are a health & fitness instructor, you might list various products that serve your audience, such as Gym equipment, Fitness training course, Yoga etc Usually, the majority of links on your resources page will be affiliate links, but probably not all of them. You need to maintain balance by listing both tools that contain affiliate and those without an affiliate link. If you have used any free tools or any free training that help you in your business, it is alright to let your readers know about it too.

What Make Great Resources Page?

Great resources contain not only the list of tools you used but also the tools and courses that can help your readers to solve their problems. You need a step ahead of your reader.

To start with, think of the three common topics people ask for resources. Then create a list for each of those topics.

Here is an example:

A good resources page should list best recommendations, not just products you get an affiliate commission on. Your goal is to provide the best recommendation to your audience.

A good resources page isn’t just a list of links alone. A good resources page will at least have the following:

• Topical headlines to separate content. You can separate your pages such as List of tools, list of courses, and list of free tools

• A description of the product.

• A personal recommendation (why you recommend it). You could make it look amazing by using:

• Images.

• A link to a full review (if any)

Make sure that it’s not just a list of links. It needs to be super easy to navigate. Yes, a good resources page can generate $100,$1,000, $5,000 passive income every month.

Now it is time to create an amazing resource page for your business and make it look professional. It will not only make you money but also boost your credibility in online business.

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