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How to make sales in instagram

In the last lesson we have discussed attracting potential clients using email marketing. You have learned how to attract new followers to your page from other sources, create efficient mailouts and to avoid mistakes. Today, we are going to study the Instagram Shopping feature and the main Instagram requirements to accounts looking to enable it. You will also learn how to configure the product catalog to increase online sales. 


This feature allows followers to receive detailed information on your company’s top products. In addition, Instagram Shopping allows you to highlight the products you want to sell faster and create product selections by interests. Followers can go to the product page by clicking the highlighted tag in the post. There they will see its description, price, photo and a link to order it

Business accounts with access to Instagram Shopping can tag products in their posts like they can do with other users. After eight posts with tagged products a button ‘Go to Shop’ will appear in the business profile. Keep in mind that posts with tagged products are more efficient. They increase engagement and sales because they present direct sales offers.

 Moreover, posts with tagged products allow you to make an order while still on Instagram! People can get all the information they need to make a decision in only a few clicks. You have effectively turned your account into an operational online store and not simply in the representation of your company or brand. You do not even need to lure followers to your official website to sell anything.

 The user sees an action button when visiting your account. This is the catalog to choose products from. It is easy to add products to posts. You need to choose a presentable photo, tag the product name, add a filter and a short text description including features, price and shipment methods along with other information useful for your client. 


To enable the Shopping feature, your account and company must meet certain Instagram requirements:

  1. If you sell from a personal account, you have to transform it to a business one. It is easy to do, if you have not done it yet: go to ‘Settings’, ‘Account’ and choose ‘Switch to Professional Account’. 
  2. The user also must obey the regulations on trade and client interaction. Everything must be legal, transparent and honest.
  3. The page must be linked to Facebook.
  4. It is only possible to sell physical products. Account must contain descriptions for all of them. You cannot post photos of goods without any description. 

If you agree to comply with the requirements above, there is no reason to postpone account verification. It is necessary so Instagram can approve enabling Shopping in your account, there is no way to skip this formal procedure. The system needs to verify that your shop is real, reliable and is ready to provide services. To do that, go to your account settings and send the account for verification. The procedure usually takes a few days, but in some cases more time is needed.


It is better to connect a product catalog to your business account so it is more convenient for your clients to choose products they want. There are a few ways to do that, in particular: 

▶ By using an e-commerce platform, e.g. Shopify or BigCommerce. They can also help to configure the Facebook store. 

▶ Add a Store section on Facebook. Keep in mind that if your shop implements a ‘Message to the Seller’ payment method, you cannot send the account for verification to enable the shopping feature on Instagram. According to the system’s requirements, you need to provide certain methods of payment, for example, PayPal. Also note that Facebook limitations for country and age do not work on Instagram. 1 2 3 4 3 Lesson 9. Sales on Instagram 


Product removal. If you remove some product from the catalog, you will not be able to refer to it on Instagram. Statistics on the removed tag are also lost. 

Switch to another channel. Created product topics will not get lost or modified if you start using a different catalog for sales. You can switch in a settings panel. 

As you can see, anyone can promote their business today. You only need to be motivated and use the most efficient tools.

 Instagram is ideal for that. If your approach to account development and promotion is correct, you can build up a financially solvent and interested audience waiting for more new products. 

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