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How to grow audience as a beginner Affiliate


Growing your audience and getting more eyes on your brand can be a big step for new Affiliates. Here are a few steps to help get you started: and grow your audience.

Step 1: Research. 

The first step to grow audience as a affiliate is getting to know your audience. Before you can attract visitors, you’ll need to do some research about your ideal visitor. 

Here are some questions to consider while you figure out the prime demographic for you: 

  • What is the persona of someone in your ideal audience?
  • What does your audience care about?
  • What does your audience fear? What do they desire?
  • Who do they aspire to be?
  • Where do they hang out?
  • How do they speak?

Figuring out how your audience speaks is especially important because this will help you determine what their search terms might be that would lead to your page.

Step 2: Pinpoint why someone is seeking you out.

 Delving into the “why” can help you figure out the wants and needs of your audience. When you make some deductions into the reasons they are looking for what you’re offering, you can better tailor your content to their needs.   

Step 3: Define your expertise.

Your visitors need to know why you are credible and, most importantly, why you are different than everyone else. Highlight what sets you apart, but don’t disparage your niche. Affiliates who badmouth their competition appear gimmicky and overly sales-oriented. 

Draw attention to the elements of your narrative that may uniquely connect with people. Tell your story in a way that promotes relatability and know-how. Doing this promotes credibility and likability at the same time.

Step 4: Great content is the foundation. 

There are no shortcuts here. Great content is the foundation for affiliate success. Your content must be original and engaging. It must be honest and valuable as well as compelling and results-oriented. 

It needs to be as short as possible, but not any shorter. 

Does great content sound like a big deal? Well, it is. And if you skimp on this step, you will pay for it in the future. 

Step 5: Develop a personality.

Developing a personality as an affiliate will help you create great content and build a brand. When you infuse your online space with your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and values, people will start to make opinions. Positive opinions are good, and—believe it or not—negative opinions are good too. 

The key to curating a personality is to not be boring. Highlight the intense elements of your content and draw out the part of your brand that will catch the eye of visitors.   

Step 6: Build a brand.

Building a brand is more than creating content with personality. Building a brand relies on a consistent narrative, consistent images, and a central theme throughout everything that you, as an Affiliate, touch. 

This means you may need a custom logo, engaging images, branded social media pages, and credible email addresses with a memorable URL. 

All of these elements build credibility and create an experience for potential customers. 

Step 7: Pace yourself.

Don’t try to monetize right out the gates. If you don’t pace yourself and put in the energy to build your list, brand, and personality, your brand will look flimsy and sale-oriented, rather than credible and consistent. 

Focus on building an audience that connects to your brand on an emotional, authentic level. 

Step 8: Add value to the community.

As a member of a niche, don’t forget to promote connection throughout your community. This means honestly participating in forums—not just posting links. It means having real conversations and getting to know the people involved in the space you are sharing. Just because your sales platform is internet-bound doesn’t mean that person-to-person business tactics don’t work.

Extend a virtual handshake to people you might want to work with in the future. Do guest posts on blogs. Attend conferences in person. All of these actions, online or offline, add to your brand. 

Step 9: Stay in contact with your list.

Keeping in contact with your email list is paramount to achieving success as a Affiliate. Check in with your contacts and ask how they’re doing. Ask about what kind of content they prefer. Share good information that would be genuinely helpful to them. If the people on your contact list know that your emails are more than just quick sales pitches, they will continue to open them and engage with your brand and products.

Step 10: Consistency is key.  

Don’t let your excitement fizzle out. As with many things in life, it’s common for affiliates to put in a lot of effort up front but lose steam when they don’t get the results they were hoping for quickly. 

Push through and remain consistent in your efforts to get the big, sustainable results.

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