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How to create affiliate account on JVZoo

As an affiliate, you can follow the steps below to get started in JVZoo

  1. From the left hand-side of the main dashboard, open the Affiliate drop-down menu and select Find Products.
  2. If you have not been approved to promote any products, you will need to Find a Product and request to promote it.
  3. On the Find Products page, you can search for a specific product to promote, or see what products are currently for sale.  To find a specific product click Filter, enter the product title on the keyword search box and click Search. You can also narrow your search by selecting a Category and sub-category to your search.

    Aside from the product title, you can also filter your search using the following categories:
  • Product Title – Name of the product being sold.
  • Launched – Date that the product was launched.
  • Sold – The number of units that were sold.
  • Conversion – Number of successful units sold through the main product page or through the sales funnel in percentage.
  • EPC (Earnings per Click) – total amount of products being sold every time someone clicks on your site.
  • Average Price – Average amount the product has cost the buyer over the history of the product.
  • Commission – Percent given to affiliates for promoting this product.
  • Refund – This is the percent of money returned to the buyer.
  • You can also filter the list by showing only those that have JVZoo Pay only and/or have Prelaunch.
  1. After finding the product that you want to become an Affiliate for, click the Request Approval button on the right side of the product. On the Affiliate page, you will be able to see all the information related to the product such as the Sale Price, Commission, Seller, and Commissions Payout method.
  2. Aside from the Request tab, you can also Integrations, Bonuses and Vendor profile. The seller may also include additional terms and requirements that you need to meet to get approval.
  3. When you’re ready to proceed, send a message request to the seller, in the box provided on the page, introducing yourself and explaining your intentions to promote their product and click Request Approval.
  4. If you are approved to be an affiliate for a product in JVZoo you will see the product in your approved products. To check, look for the product on the list, and click the Get Link button. Copy the Affiliate link and use it to start promoting the product. Each sold product will be credited to you, as the link serves as connection between you and the seller of the product.

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