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How do I build a platform to promote products on


The most successful affiliates know the value of building a strong platform to promote products on. Having a reliable online foundation allows you to share your brand and develop a reputation. This adds credibility to your promotions and encourages people to trust your recommendations.

Start a Blog 

We have found that the best and most secure platform is a blog. A blog is more stable and trustworthy that promoting solely through third party sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. 

Using your blog as an epicenter of promotion creates a credible home base that will cultivate brand trust and foster connection between you and your customers. Pace yourself in building this infrastructure and make sure that every part of the web is secure, branded, and authentically representative of your company.

Create a Brand 

When developing your brand, you will want to consider if your brand will be a personality or if it will be a business. 

When you brand a personality, it is important to remember that the personality is developed and, oftentimes, enacted by you. This can make selling your platform or branching out difficult in the future. 

If you choose to create a brand based on an overall business, delegating can be easier, but it can be more difficult to create compelling and congruent content.   

Whichever way you, as a Affiliate, choose to go, making sure that your content is rotund, engaging, and meaningful is an important part of brand-building and a keystone to your success.

Get a Website 

One of the easiest ways to build credibility is to invest in getting your own domain. Using third party websites like Wix or Blogger doesn’t instill the same amount of trust in consumers that a self-hosted website does. 

Once you have a domain, if you have developer skills, you can build your own website. Or, you can hire a developer, or, you can purchase a WordPress theme. There are some free themes available, but we recommend spending a little bit to set yourself apart from the internet herd.

Develop a Mailing List 

Building a mailing list is the most expensive part of getting started as a Affiliate. It is not necessary, but it will serve you well in the long run. Developing a list allows you to keep in contact with people and offer them a way to find out more about your brand and the products you promote.

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