Affiliate Program: How to choose an affiliate Network ?

Choosing an affiliate network is an important step on the roadmap of affiliate marketing.

The affiliate network acts as an intermediary between vendors and affiliates. It allows vendors to easily find affiliates who want to promote their product and it helps affiliates find quality offers.

Here are the three most important things to consider when choosing an affiliate network:

  • Quality products
    A good affiliate network will attract vendors with quality products that have been cleared for compliance with FDA and FTC guidelines.
  • Consistent and on-time commission payouts
    It’s also important to make sure that commission payouts are consistent and timely to affiliates.
  • Easy to navigate marketplace
    Choose an affiliate network that makes finding products and promoting them as easy as possible.

There are several affiliate networks out there that are perfect for beginners, however (because we’re obviously biased), we recommend signing up for a ClickBank account.

If you want to explore other platforms that bring together the best of an internet retailer and an affiliate network, we encourage you to do so. Learning to do market research and make decisions that are best for you is an important skill in affiliate marketing, so now’s a good time to do some deliberate practice.

What is Clickbank

ClickBank is an internet retailer that sells quality digital and physical products in a variety of categories. Most ClickBank products aim to improve and enrich customers’ lives physically, mentally, or financially.

ClickBank has been around for over two decades and carved out a space for affiliate marketing in the ecommerce industry. With over $5.5 billion in commission paid out in over twenty countries, ClickBank knows a thing or two about affiliate marketing.

ClickBank supports vendors and affiliates through compliance, consistent commission, and back office tools that make the lives of our clients easier and more streamlined. Affiliates can search the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace for offers and simply promote them using a HopLink (which is ClickBank lingo for an affiliate link).

With a ClickBank account you’ll score access to thousands of converting offers that you can start promoting right now–even if you have limited web traffic.

What is the ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace?

The ClickBank Affiliate Marketplace is an online pavilion full of potential products in an array of niches, all ready for promotion. You can browse the categories or use the search function to find just the right offer. Once you find it, you’ll just need the HopLink to start promoting.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is how affiliates networks track who referred traffic and whether that traffic converted into a sale. It’s also affiliate networks make sure that you get paid commission for your promotions.

You can add this link to icons, images, blog copy, or put it in the bio of your Instagram profile. You can answer questions on forums, YouTube, or put it on your website. You can link to it from a landing page that is linked to a Facebook ad. It doesn’t matter where you put it (as long as you follow the promotion rules for that specific platform). If it gets clicked and the clicker commits to the offer within 60 days of clicking, the commission is yours.

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